Monkey Shoulder Cocktail Bootcamp

Client: Monkey Shoulder

Brief: Monkey Shoulder’s mission is to introduce a new generation of drinkers to Scotch. ‘Cocktail Bootcamp’ — teaches people the basic skills to make their own cocktails at home. A success at festivals and in pubs and bars, it was time to bring this to a wider audience online.

Solution: Purple developed a 5-week online training course, featuring UK Am-badass-ador Grant Neave, teaching classic Monkey cocktails like the Jam Sour and the Mamie Taylor. Once each week’s YouTube-powered recipe was viewed, there were gamified links to Tweet or post on Facebook their newfound status as a ‘Scotch Genius’ or a ‘Mover & Shaker’.

After successful Facebook and email campaigns promoting the site, Monkey Shoulder saw Cocktail Bootcamp sign-ups account for around 10% of their email database. Those signed up to the Bootcamp were invited to tag their own cocktail photos on Twitter and Instagram, with the best winning a variety Monkey Shoulder gear, and ultimate simian kudos.