What’s the reward of awards?

Our latest blog post is from guest contributor Creative Awards. Based around the corner in Hatton Garden, Creative Awards have been making bespoke awards for some of the UK’s biggest brands and events for over 40 years. We worked with them on the rather fabulous Glenfiddich World’s Most Experimental Bartender competition, so we asked them their thoughts on the power of awards.

Why awards? We have often wondered, when in the workshop, exactly how what we do impacts our clients and what the function of the awards we create are. From global corporations and events to SMEs, awards are an essential component of business and branding. We can divide the awards that we produce into two categories: external and internal awards.

External awards given to people within an industry or at an event have an aspirational dimension. Primarily, external awards validate both the brand and product. They provide credibility through the external justification that comes through winning an award from an independent, external source. In addition, brands and products are able to gain leverage through the award giver and the brand equity is transferred to the recipient. Having your product win an award also gives a unique promotional advantage. The award creates trust in both the product and the brand and helps the product to gain a both a uniqueness and a point of difference over the competition.


Internal awards given within a company, foster a sense of togetherness, pride and inclusion in a business.

An award is certainly more than the sum of its functional parts. Whilst it may be made from wood or metal it takes on an emotional aspect and represents joy, celebration, hard-work and spirit both for the recipient and the giver. Essentially, the award captures, distils and communicates the brand and the ceremony and the emotions generated within. In each award, the spirit of the brand is the backbone to the design – showcasing the brand in a unique, personal, and often small, award. When designing an award we look to build from the ground up. We deconstruct the branding and pull apart what makes it tick.


Designing awards

When approached by Purple Creative to produce an award for the World’s Most Experimental Bartender award we, as always, drilled down into the company and the brand. What does Glenfiddich stand for? What assets are associated with the brand and how can we subtly incorporate them? An iconic drink, indeed the world’s best-selling single malt whisky, exudes a refined confidence, a nod towards tradition whilst maintaining a firm embrace towards modernity.

We employed traditional woodworking techniques to make the base, and cutting-edge processes to work the copper. 99% of the work on the bespoke award was done by hand, reflecting the age-old traditions associated with Glenfiddich. Each element of the award ties into the brand. The barrels used for the base are made of oak, continuing the legacy of this vital part of the whisky-making process. Copper was chosen to reflect the stills of the distillery.

In choosing these materials, we experience certain challenges, working with ancient barrels which have been soaked in spirit for decades makes the wood difficult to work yet provides a deep and rich colour, grain and even smell.

We are immensely proud to have participated in the project, working with an iconic brand and producing a bespoke award that reflects, quite simply, what makes Glenfiddich Glenfiddich.



Creative Awards


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