A passion for paper

I love paper. Its versatility, texture, colours and potential. So can you imagine how I felt when I found out that Arjowiggins were hosting a pop-up at the Truman Brewery? Excited doesn’t cover it.

The exhibition promised to show off the best work of 2014 produced on Arjowiggins paper. It had already been to Paris and Milan, and after London was going on to Amsterdam and Berlin, so I had high hopes.

Even though I knew what to expect, I was still pleasantly surprised. I had been apprehensive that it would be like a museum and have a slightly clinical feel, but it really didn’t! The venue was perfect. The work was displayed hanging from wires so you could touch everything, which for me is the point of paper. The texture or weight can make or break a creative project and is as important as the design and printing techniques.

There was a huge variety of finishes used too. Lots of foil obviously, but in different ways. Each piece had a card next to it telling visitors about the paper type, design agency and client. You knew what you were touching. I went round five times and something different always caught my eye.

With some really great designs on show, it was awesome inspiration for any designer. I was slightly disappointed that most applications were simply booklets and posters, as I had hoped for more experimental paper techniques, but as these were all live projects for live clients, I’ll forgive them this time!

As odd as it sounds, the highlight of my night was the guest book for comments at the end. The book was made from every kind of paper in every colour they had on offer. I cheekily asked one of the hosts whether I could have it, and told her I worked for Purple. Turns out she was the London rep and knew our creative studio incredibly well so was only too happy to give me a copy

Then, of course, I had the seriously tough decision of whether I brought it to work to share with the other designers or keep it at home just for me…

Lizzie Francis




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