Brief: Ailsa Bay wanted to push whisky boundaries and make malts more modern and relevant, whilst focusing on analytics over alchemy, and technology over tradition. Our brief was to relaunch the brand with a new identity working across brand positioning, packaging, guidelines and beauty imagery.

Challenge: Ailsa Bay isn’t your average distillery. Home to chemists, scientists and engineers, the key to its success is modern creativity and technological precision. Its whisky is a world-first, crafted using advanced data to get the right balance of flavour. How could we appeal to a tech-savvy, non-whisky drinking audience?

Solution: Purple created ‘Whisky Hacked’. This was a data-led, beautifully dynamic brand world, complete with brand guidelines and attention-grabbing creative working across a variety of media – with an emphasis on social, mobile and online. We harvested real distillery data like mash times and peating levels, turning it into striking, generative art. We worked with digital agency This is Tommy, to target audiences via interactive media, using gamification and in-feed disruption to connect with audiences.
Our campaign exceeded industry benchmarks, with high engagement rates, view-through rates and completions. The brand launched in 27 UK travel retail locations, secured menu listings in Edinburgh and London, and also launched successfully in Australia.