Brief: In Japan, many complex concepts can be expressed in a single word. ‘Karakuchi’ is one of those words. It captures the complexity of Asahi Super Dry’s unique taste profile. We were asked to create a cut-through campaign for Asahi Super Dry. The brief was to create intrigue and drive trial of the beer’s unique ‘Karakuchi’ taste.

Challenge: How can you visualise a taste? How can you entice curious drinkers to try the beer for themselves?

Solution: Building on the idea of ‘the translation is in the taste’, Purple created a visual articulation of the crisp, clean, dry and refreshing ‘Karakuchi’ experience and combined it with a compelling call to action, ‘Taste it to understand it’. As well as creating the master moving image, ATL, digital media and social assets, we developed a campaign toolkit with guiding design and copy principles so that global teams could easily roll the idea out in their markets.