Sauza Tequila

Client: Sauza Tequila

Brief: Sauza and White Label asked us to capture the uniqueness of Sauza Tequila with a new identity and branding system.

Challenge: Sauza Tequila is made up of five separate brands and over 19 tequila variants – all with different bottles, designs and identities. The sheer breadth and disparate nature of the Sauza products led to a disjointed brand look and inconsistent global communications.

Solution: Inspired by their pioneering ‘fresh pressed process’ (Sauza are the only tequila house to press their agave piñas rather than cook them, which gives their tequila a fresher flavour), we literally ‘pressed’ the colour from each Sauza variant to create a flexible, colourful and contemporary umbrella brand identity. We called this new house look Casa Sauza, capturing their unique family provenance.

We also redrew their iconic El Gallo rooster to make it more confident and contemporary and created characterful, simple and elegant new fonts to work with their existing brand type.