Brief: To create a new identity to bring global consistency and premiumise the brand.

Challenge: From bars to banners, the Glenfiddich visual look and feel was both confusing and fragmented, and wasn't projecting the right global luxury credentials.

Solution: We reassessed every aspect of the Glenfiddich visual identity, from the stag icon to the brand's tone of voice. Based on in-depth research, we created a hierarchy of eight key design pillars, which were:

Evolving the stag icon to make it stronger, prouder and more masculine; evolving the Glenfiddich logotype to make it more contemporary; creating a new more luxurious imagery style; creating two new bespoke fonts based on the hand-writing of William Grant (in conjunction with FontSmith); creating a family of luxury story-telling graphic embellishments; creating a new unified colour system; and creating a new warmer, prouder and more authentic tone of voice.

"Purple are creatively obsessive about attention to detail, and genuinely invested in the future of our brand. We're incredibly proud of Glenfiddich's new visual identity, and we're confident that it will enhance the brand's luxury credentials globally."
Sarah Macaulay, Global Marketing Manager, Glenfiddich