Brief: Engage the bar community in a maverick way to raise the profile of Glenfiddich in the on-trade.

Challenge: There are a lot of world-class bartender cocktail competitions out there. How do we make ours different and showcase Glenfiddich’s maverick family personality?

Solution: Inspired by the game-changing new Glenfiddich range, the Experimental Series, we created a bartender competition less ordinary. Called the World’s Most Experimental Bartender, it challenged on-trade professionals to create an innovative Glenfiddich serve by collaborating with a maverick outside the whisky world. No simple cocktail competition, it was a thought-provoking on-trade experiment that created some mind-blowing creative collaborations, including with a cheese maker, furniture maker, sound engineer, ceramist, artist and Michelin-starred chef amongst others. The 10 pairs of finalists spent four experimental and action-packed days at the distillery learning how to be maverick whisky makers. It was phenomenal!

Search #GFexperiments to see the experience from the finalists’ perspective.