Client: Glenfiddich

Brief: Create an innovative, engaging and unique Glenfiddich mentoring (tasting) programme flexible enough to be used by ambassadors from China to Chile, Moscow to Motherwell.

Challenge: Each global market was holding its own tailored tastings, so the brand wasn’t projecting consistent brand messages or getting across their new ‘Pioneering Spirit’ essence.

Solution: We gave all the global Glenfiddich ambassadors the opportunity to give their guests a personal tasting tour of The Glenfiddich Distillery. Completely virtually.

Called the Glenfiddich Distillery Experience, it’s a visually stunning virtual journey of discovery that combines live action footage, illustration and CGI and allows guests be taken to nine unique distillery locations, where they taste relevant Glenfiddich whiskies.

The ambassadors loved it as it gave them the ultimate flexibility to ‘go’ wherever they wanted depending on their audience; and the guests loved it as they were getting a VIP tour from people passionate about the place and the whisky.