Grant Family Home

Client: Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky

Brief: Grant’s wanted somewhere to call home, a physical place to take journalists & VIPs within The Glenfiddich Distillery.

Challenge: It had to be practical, flexible, inspirational and tell all their brand stories in an engaging and premium way.

Solution: It’s rare for us to be involved with a project like this from such an early stage - from idea to interior, layout to launch – but this freedom allowed us to bring to life the five generations of Grant’s stories in every aspect of the build and fit out.

Situated in the old Malt Kiln, where barley was dried, the Grant Family Home is a multi-functional location – an inspirational place to share stories about Grant’s history, an archive, a VIP dining room and a blending room. We designed it so each area brings part of the Grant’s history to life, every artefact and item of furniture telling its own story from the last 125 years.

We worked hard to create a sense of ‘family’, of gathered
personal possessions collected over many years by using many eclectic bits of furniture, each relating to a key date in the
Grant’s history. The blending room replicates the Master Blender’s room in Glasgow, the back-lit samples lining the walls giving it a wow factor.