Brief: Kozel is a unique, fun Czech beer brand with an icon that represents its ‘goat’ name and its personality. It tasked us with reinvigorating its visual identity to appeal to a modern audience. It wanted one that made it feel more crafted, premium and welcoming.

Challenge: Kozel’s authentic charm is something that people love and recognise around the world. The brand and its goat icon ‘Olda’ needed to be brought up to date, all without losing the rural village spirit at the heart of Kozel.

Solution: Purple made subtle but significant changes to Kozel’s icon, illustrations and imagery to create a modern visual identity that retained its previous character and craft.

We used bolder strokes to create a more contemporary and reproducible goat icon; we brought Kozel’s Czech heritage to life by updating the woodcut-style illustration of the Velké Popovice brewery and made a provenance logo of its gates, and replaced its oversaturated brand photos with ones of real community occasions.

Everything was crafted in a pale and dark colour palette as a nod to its two signature beers.