Luxury photography

Client: All

Brief: Imagery plays a vital role in projecting the appropriate image for our brands, whether that’s premium, innovative or simply to beautify the product.

Challenge: With so many bad bottle and beauty shots out there, we want our client’s photography to be category-defining and have a serious wow factor.

Solution: As a key component to successful marketing communications, great imagery is something we always inist on – all too often, a creative idea or brand image is let down by its beauty photography. That’s why we apply the same rigorous creative approach to photography that we do to all our briefs. We like to get under the skin of the product, to understand its provenance and what makes it different, and then we collaborate with some of the world’s best photographers. The best beauty shots aren’t created by simply using moody lighting, but are an extension of the story, capturing and highlighting the essence of the product. And we think it shows in the images we create.