RNIB Brand Identity

Client: RNIB, the charity for blind and partially sighted people.

Brief: RNIB briefed us to change the way they look, feel and speak as an organisation.

Challenge: The RNIB are one of the oldest charities in the UK. The problem was, they were perceived as being old-fashioned and no longer relevant to today’s donors – so they asked us to make them more contemporary, human and accessible.

Solution: Purple created a new brand personality, both visual and verbal, to make communications more consistent and effective. We commissioned a new bespoke brand typeface called RNIB Headline to get across more warmth, legibility and portray RNIB’s softer side. We also introduced a new visual style – using illustration rather than photography. Finally, we created a new concise and conversational tone of voice and ran internal workshops with RNIB writers to make sure the new style was adopted and put into action.