Brief: Seco Herrerano is already the No.1 spirit in Panama. It is synonymous with the nation’s pride and identity. Our brief was to help the brand capitalise on this unique position and use it as the basis of its new identity.

Challenge: Present even stronger, unified marketing to all target consumers, both urban and rural. Stand toe-to-toe with other premium international spirits available in Panama.

Solution: Becoming known as ‘The Spirit of Panama’ was a vision the brand team had shared for some time. Purple brought this vision to life with a brand platform that celebrates the real spirit of Panamanian people and puts a spotlight on every aspect of Panamanian life. We used Panamanian spirit to define the new brand world and look and feel. We worked with Panamanian photographer, Tito Herrera to create an extensive photographic and video library that could be used alongside our brand and campaign guidelines.