Travelport brand identity

Client: Travelport

Brief: Create a new corporate vision, brand world, look and feel, brand identity guidelines and customer-facing proposition tagline.

Challenge: Travelport is a $2.1 billion business that powers billions of travel transactions every year. The challenge was to create a strategy that represents their wide range of business streams in both a singular and unified vision.

The new tagline: "Redefining travel commerce"

Redefining is creating more choice. Redefining is creating new value. Redefining is transforming and reinventing. Redefining is about taking new directions. Redefining is about leading from the front. ‘Travel commerce’ is the phrase that best encapsulates their whole business and future business directions. It describes what they do in the most concise way possible.

The new imagery style is ownable and instantly recognisable, creating a global image library that can be built on over time. It's flexible enough to show the diverse range of benefits Travelport offers across its business, business channels and regions.