World Rally Championship brand identity

Client: WRC

Brief: WRC and 23red briefed us to build a unique and exciting brand identity to sell World Rally as a sport, raise its awareness and help it compete with F1.

Challenge: World Rally is a sport of contrasts - the yin of precision driving and hi-tech engines against the yang of mud, fans, weather and changing continents. The brand identity had to embody this duality but also be simple enough for WRC’s many partners to use.

Solution: We created an identity that matched the unique personality of the brand. Our modern logotype captured the energy and unpredictability of the sport; our bespoke font represented the two contrasts of the sport, WRC Clean and WRC Dirty; our two types of tone of voice mirrored the precision of the cars, and the passion of the fans; and our black & white brand palette allowed the colours of the teams, sponsors and countries to shine through on TV, in events and even in PlayStation game graphics.