Zubrowka vodka brand identity

Client: Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka

Brief:¬†First Drinks Brands asked us to relaunch Zubrowka and bring its ‘enchanting vodka’ essence to life.

Challenge: The vodka category has a very generic look - lots of white to mimic the clarity of the spirit and lots of cocktail imagery. As Zubrowka didn’t taste like other vodkas, we didn’t want it to look like other vodkas either.

Solution: Zubrowka’s unique ingredient is bison grass, an almost mythical plant that only grows in secret sunlit glades in the mysterious primeval forest in north-east Poland and is the favourite food of wild bison.

We found and commissioned artist Kristjana S Williams to capture the uniqueness of the bison grass and the wildness of the primeval forest. By interweaving black and white Victorian engravings with contemporary illustration and bursts of vibrant colour, she brought Zubrowka’s 600 year old history and enchanting nature to life in a completely distinctive and memorable look and feel.

We applied this original illustration style across all brand communications and channels; as sets for our immersive theatre company; as on-trade items; on digital channels, including web, Facebook and Twitter; and on identity collateral like letterheads and brand comms.