Creating fascination.

No one cares about brands that have nothing to say, that lack substance or fail to capture the imagination. When people care, they start to think, feel and do different things.

Brands need to find ways to pique people’s curiosity, intrigue them, draw them into their world with discoveries of genuine interest. At Purple, we can help your brand create that fascination, so you can engage with your audiences and prove why your story, your service, your product or your purpose is unique.

Driving success.

To make this happen we uncover the unique spark, the nugget of wisdom, the idea that fires us up, and we use that as the catalyst to inspire the creative work. Then we amplify that thought across a proven framework of brand and sales drivers to ensure we deliver solutions that answer the strategic and commercial demands of your business.

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Discover. Create. Amplify.

To ensure your brand shares a consistent and coherent story, Creating Fascination falls into three areas of project focus.



Each project starts with different levels of stimulus. Our job is to identify the hidden gems, the nuggets of wisdom, the unique facts that will inspire us and become the catalyst for outstanding creative.


After discovery comes the creative. Whether that’s a unique look and feel, a beautiful aesthetic or a compelling story, our work is always rooted in something real, sparking your audience's curiosity to find out more.


Great creative is nothing if it’s not amplified in the right way! We want to ensure our clients get maximum return on investment and we ensure our work is rolled-out effectively while staying true to the ‘soul’ of the idea.


Our creative agency

Purple is an independent creative agency working across a delightfully diverse range of sectors including spirits, beer, industrial, art, fashion, technology and financial services.

Since 1993, we’ve been in business to share the stories, strategies and spirit of fascinating brands, through branding and communications that will fascinate the world.

If you’ve got a challenge, we’d love to talk about the ways we can help solve it.

Piqued your fascination?