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What’s the reward of awards?

Our latest blog post is from guest contributor Creative Awards. Based around the corner in Hatton Garden, Creative Awards have been making bespoke awards for some of the UK’s biggest brands and events for over 40 years. We worked with them on the rather fabulous Glenfiddich World’s Most Experimental Bartender competition, so we asked them their thoughts on the power of awards. Continue…

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A toast to Scotland: our Scottish drink predictions for 2016

The Grocer have recently written an in-depth article about Scotland and its exports and asked us to contribute. I wrote the following thoughts and predictions for them, from which they used a few quotes. I thought it might be enjoyed as a longer piece, so I recycled it as a Purple blog. Hope you enjoy it.


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Women’s History Month: Famous women of booze

For Women’s History Month (it’s March, people), Purple were asked by The Spirits Business to help them with a Top Women of Booze article.

These are the female pioneers of alcohol. The heroes of hops. The trailblazers of taste. The dude-esses of distillation.

We supplied them with four of our favourite women. Admittedly some of our choices are a little left field, but we hope you enjoy their stories nonetheless. Continue…

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Behind-the-scenes at a Purple shoot

We’ve recently completed one of the most experimental, and frankly insane, shoots for Glenfiddich. It was for the exquisite and pioneering Glenfiddich 21 Year Old whisky, which after being matured for 21 years is finished in Caribbean rum casks for a richer, warmer and more exotic taste.

After coming up with the headline, ‘Raised in Scotland. Roused by the Caribbean’, we had to bring the line to life in a single image. You may well have seen the final visual (spoiler alert, it’s at the end of this blog), but we thought it would be interesting to give you a behind-the-scenes peek into how the beauty image was created with the very talented photographer Benedict Morgan.

Warning: this blog contains paint. Lots of it. Continue…

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How to pick the perfect photographer

As every art director and designer knows, there’s an art to creating truly memorable beauty imagery. In this blog, we’ve managed to wheedle out some of the secrets Gary Westlake, our Glenfidich Creative Director, uses when choosing and getting the best out of photographers. Continue…

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Our top 10 luxury alcohol beauty images

We’ve just finished work on creating a raft of new beauty images for Glenfiddich, who we’ve worked with for nearly a decade. As part of the project, I’ve spent more time than might be considered normal researching what makes a luxury alcohol beauty image work.

First things first, what is a beauty image? My simplistic description is – an image of a product shown in its greatest light. Continue…

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Peace, pomegranates & packaging: The story behind our Plant for Peace logo

We’re very proud to have created the logo and brand identity for Plant for Peace recently. You can see it in all its glory featured on their range of mulberry & pomegranate peace bars, now on sale in all Holland & Barrett stores and the larger Waitrose supermarkets.

Plant for Peace has an interesting story, so I thought you might be interested. You can also read this rather splendid article in Digital Arts too.


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The design freestyler

We’ve been lucky enough to have had a young designer called Michael Hindle work with us recently. He is in his third year at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and was on work placement with us for three months.

It’s funny what you find out in the pub. We were chatting over a pint one day (hey, it was Friday and sunny) and it turns out Michael is one of the best Football Freestylers in the country, but decidedly humble about the fact.

For those who don’t know, Freestyle Football is a ball-based gymnastic artform – it’s about performing insane tricks with a football with all parts of your body. It needs immense dedication, incredible dexterity and a highly creative mind.

We were so interested about his hobby (which almost became his job), we got him to write a blog about it. Continue…

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A passion for paper

I love paper. Its versatility, texture, colours and potential. So can you imagine how I felt when I found out that Arjowiggins were hosting a pop-up at the Truman Brewery? Excited doesn’t cover it. Continue…

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The story of the Demi-John

We do a lot of research (really, it’s a lot!) when we start any new project. It’s the only real way of finding out everything we could possibly need to know or be inspired by before putting pen to paper or design mouse to computer. And over the years, we’ve discovered a lot of fascinating information – and it often seems a shame that some of this epic research goodness is left on the cutting room floor.