Translating Asahi Super Dry’s ‘Karakuchi’ taste

The beauty of the Japanese language is that thousands of complex ideas can be expressed in a single word. ‘Karakuchi’ means ‘something that’s refreshing and dry at the same time’, capturing the beer’s unique taste.

Purple’s challenge was to explain this Karakuchi taste to a global audience using a language everyone understood. So we translated its complexity visually, with a powerful, textural expression of the super refreshing, super dry experience.

The campaign brought Karakuchi to life, urging inquisitive audiences to ‘Taste it to understand it’.

Integrated campaign | Moving image | Social content

Being able to creatively translate the nuances of Japanese culture and making them accessible to a Western audience is tricky. Purple have brought a depth of meaning to the campaign that truly makes it stand out.
— Chris McLardie, Global Head of Brand, Asahi Super Dry.


awareness, 18-34 year olds, London

11.1 mil

media impressions with 18-34 year olds


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